Hello Single Barrel Bourbon Fans!

This bottle is 5 years old and has wonderful aromas of caramel corn, funnel cake and citrus zest. There is a great rick-house note and allspice as well. The palate is round and rich with caramel corn, brown butter and grilled stone fruits. Black peppercorn and candied citrus finishes this beauty off.

To get the barrel moving we are offering this up to you for $54.99 , in mid-August it will go up to its regular price of $59.99.

D&M Wine and Spirits Store Pick Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel 2020

In what feels like ages ago, but was in fact only back in February, we had the opportunity to stand close to, chat, and taste with Smooth Ambler’s John Little. We have long championed the idea that when it comes to American Bourbon place matters– though the palate may matter more. Old School Willett, Michter’s, and Smooth Ambler Old Scout– these are places that did not initially distill the spirit, though through their selection process have an extraordinarily high deliciousness output.

Back to our meeting with John. He had his core lineup of their own spirit, The Contradiction (blend of purchased and produced) and important for our writing today, a series of Old Scout Single Barrels. The Old Scout program has long been a favorite of Bourbon lovers, and we were so very happy to get a chance to potentially pick another barrel. Let us first say that many of them were quite good, some were excellent, but there was one that stood above for us. The barrel we selected was a 5 year old from Indiana that just so happened to be distilled on October 17th– the owner’s of D&M Mike and Karen’s Anniversary. So, with the option to add a cheeky name to the label, we dubbed this the M&K’s Anniversary Old Scout. After a corporate induced delay, a topsy turvy global pandemic, and a period of closing our doors, we are ever so happy to bring you our Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel!

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